9 Warning Signs of Brain Tumor

  1. Changes in personality, behavior and thoughts.
  2. Memory dysfunction or confusion.
  3. Hearing abnormality.
  4. Obstructive communication.
  5. Balancing problem.
  6. Nausea, Vomiting and Drowsiness.
  7. Numbness on the hands and legs.
  8. Blurred vision or double vision.
  9. Seizure incident.

A brain tumor is a collection of abnormal cells in the brain. Any abnormal growth inside the skull can cause pressure to the brain and cause brain damage; it can be cancerous and life-threatening.

Symptoms of a brain tumor depend on the size, location, and the rate of growth of the brain tumor.

The most common signs and symptoms of a brain tumor is headache, although you may also experience the following signs and symptoms :

  1. Changes in personality, behavior and thoughts
  2. Memory dysfunction or confusion
  3. Hearing abnormality
  4. Obstructive communication
  5. Balancing problem
  6. Nausea, Vomiting and Drowsiness
  7. Numbness on the hands and legs
  8. Blurred vision or double vision
  9. Seizure incident

The diagnosis of a brain tumor begins with physical examination and history taking. After the physical examination, the doctor might order one or more tests which are; CT scan, MRI, Skull X-ray, Angiography, and/or biopsy.

The most common treatment for a brain tumor is surgery. However, it depends on the size, type, location of the brain tumor as well as the patient’s health condition. 

For more information or to make an appointment, kindly contact Neuroscience Center of Vejthani Hospital or call +66(0)85-223-8888 (English Hotline).

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