An innovative approach to cancer treatment – Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy

A countless number of patients suffer every day from agonizing pain that is caused by various types of cancers. A conventional treatment option that has been used to treat cancer patients for decades like chemotherapy helps treat cancer disease but leaves patients with extensive damage from its side effects. With the advancement in healthcare technology, a breakthrough has been made in the field of cancer research. The discovery of Targeted Therapy in recent years is used to treat cancer cells by targeting or attacking specific genes or proteins that are involved in the growth of cancer cells without damaging other

parts of the body, while Immunotherapy relies on the function of the patient’s immune system. Typically, the immune system monitors and destroys foreign substances, such as germs and cancer cells.

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January 17, 2023

Cancer Vaccine treats existing cancer and prevents cancer recurrence

The primary goal of cancer vaccine is to treat cancer that already exists and prevent the chance of cancer from coming back.

December 29, 2022

Easypump: A Portable Chemotherapy Infusion Pump for a Better Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients, especially the patients of coloretal cancerm stomach cancer, or pancreatic cancer require a long period of chemotherapy. Currently, there is a new technological portable device known as Easypump is used for chemotherapy treatment through a small infusion pump. Easypump is designed for cancer patients who need to receive chemotherapy for several consecutive days. Importantly, this will reduce some problems that occur during the session.

December 29, 2022

Colorectal Cancer Screening Is Now Advised to Start at the Age 45, Not 50

For those with an average risk of colorectal cancer, colonoscopies should be scheduled every 10 years beginning at age 45. Those with a family history of colorectal cancer, personal history of cancer or chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), should begin regular testing sooner, as recommended by the doctor

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