Cancer Vaccine Bringing Hopes to Stage-4 Cancer Patients

Normally our body has white blood cells that are part of the immune system that destroy foreign cells, such as diseased cells, bacterial cells and viral cells. However, certain kinds of cancer cells have a mechanism that can protect themselves from being destroyed by white blood cells. Therefore, immunotherapy has been discovered to treat cancer by inhibiting that mechanism and boosting the immune system of the body or white blood cells to fight gainst cancer cells.

Although immunotherapy drugs have been given, if white blood cells do not recognize the cancer cells, they will not be able to carry out their tasks of destroying cancer cells. This is where Cancer Vaccine has come to play more vital role in treating cancer.

Cancer proteins that are obtained from a patient’s tumor are extracted to produce a personalized Cancer Vaccine. Cancer Vaccine will help stimulate white blood cells to recognize and be ready to destroy the cancer cells of patients.  When Cancer Vaccine is used in conjuncton with immunotherapy, it  makes white blood cells to work even more effectively.

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