Colon Cancer Treatment Options Available in Thailand

Thailand is becoming known known for having high-quality medical care in the country. When you have colon cancer, you want to have it treated somewhere that offers the latest high-quality treatments under the expertise of a specialist. 

Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, has a cancer center that offers cutting-edge treatments, allowing the oncologists to make the best decisions when selecting their patient’s treatment plan. They are one of the best places to have colon cancer treatments performed in Thailand.

  Cancer treatment has become much more exacting and complex. Today’s oncologists in Thailand have six areas of treatment they can explore, depending on the patient’s needs and condition. A treatment plan can be composed of one or several of the available treatments. We’ll explore the variety of treatments available at Vejthani Hospital.

There are a variety of colon cancer treatments available at Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Colon Cancer Surgery

The medical term for this type of procedure is called colectomy. There are two types of colectomies your oncologist can choose between: a partial and a total colectomy.

A partial colectomy, also called a hemicolectomy, is where the surgeons remove a section of the colon containing the tumor and a portion of the healthy colon on either side of the diseased area. The two halves of the colon are then attached to each other. Nearby lymph nodes are generally removed as well, so they can be checked for the presence of cancer.

A total colectomy is when the entire colon is removed. This procedure is generally unnecessary for colon cancer. It’s used when there are other problems with the colon besides cancer.

Colectomies are divided into two types. An open colectomy is the traditional method, which uses a single incision in the abdomen. But these days, a laparoscopic-assisted colectomy is also used. This type of colectomy uses several smaller incisions. The laparoscope provides the surgeon with an image of the colon with the help of a camera. This type of colectomy generally results in a shorter recovery time. But your doctor has to make the final decision on what type of surgery is best for you.


Chemotherapy is the practice of using drugs to fight cancer. Chemotherapy for colon cancer is generally used following a colectomy to ensure the destruction of any remaining cancerous cells in the colon. It’s also used if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy may also be used before surgery to shrink the tumor size so the surgeon lesser part of the colon is removed.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy to kill cancer cells in the colon. It uses powerful energy sources to attack the cancer. These sources are the same photons that are used in x-rays. When surgery isn’t an option because of the tumor’s location, radiation therapy can be used to ease painful symptoms during palliative care.


Immunotherapy is usually reserved for advanced cases of colon cancer. It’s a drug treatment that works with your body’s immune system to fight the cancer.

It enables compromised immune systems to recognize the cancer in your body and produce the proteins to battle the tumor. It helps the immune system perform its role in fighting disease and preventing it from spreading. 

Targeted Drug Therapy

Targeted drug therapy focuses on the cancer cells themselves and targets abnormalities within the cancer cells. By targeting the cells from the inside, the drugs cause cancer cells to die. 

This type of therapy is usually combined with other therapies and is most often used in advanced cases of colon cancer. 

The Variety of Treatments Provides Hope for Cancer Patients

The number of colon cancer treatments available today in Thailand offers greater hope for cancer patients. Thailand being a destination for treatments, foreigners with colon cancer can travel to the country for treatment that is often less expensive and of better quality than they get in their home countries. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, make an appointment with an oncologist at Vejthani Hospital to explore your available options.

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