Lymphoma is more common than we think

Lymphoma is one of the severe diseases that lies very close to us. Lymph nodes are present everywhere in our body, e.g., neck, under arms, inner elbow, inner knee, chest, and abdomen. More importantly, lymph cells or lymphocytes are living in other organs throughout the body, whether it be colon or stomach. Lymphoma can therefore occur in any parts of our body.

“The cause of lymphoma is still unknown.”

However, the followings are the risk factors of Lymphoma that have been found.

  • Chemicals like pesticides and hair dye
  • Low or impaired immune system e.g., aid patient, organ transplant patient and/or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Genetics; having a family history of Lymphoma

Symptoms of Lymphoma include, presence of a painless lump in different areas of the body, along with fever, fatigue, weight loss and weakness. However, the lump could not always be an indication of cancer. It is best to seek immediate medical advice if notice any abnormalities. Because “Lymphoma has the highest chance of cure if treated at an early stage before the cancer spreads.” The treatment involves chemotherapy, for some patients, doctor may consider the use of radiation therapy as an addition.

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