Personal Data Protection Declaration

Personal Data Protection Declaration Personal Data Protection Declaration

For services: Medical Advice and Treatment Plan

Vejthani Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the “Hospital”) will protect the personal data of service users (hereinafter referred to as “You”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 (2019) for your benefits, rights and privacy. The hospital would like to inform you of the personal data protection notice dated 1 June 2022 of the hospital as follows: 

Personal data collected under the new patient registration service 

The personal data that the hospital collects from you will depend on type of service you undergo at the hospital. The personal data that the hospital will receive directly from you or from third parties are as follows: 

  • Personal information such as name, photo, gender, date of birth, passport number, national ID card number or other identifiable numbers 
  • Contact information such as address, telephone number and e-mail address. 
  • Service information such as doctor appointment information, relative’s personal data, needs regarding rooms, food and other ancillary services 
  • Health information, physical and mental health information, your health style, laboratory test results and diagnosis 
  • Information related to your medication and drug allergy 

Purpose of collecting personal data 

Processing of personal data under the new patient registration service meets the following objectives: 

  • To provide medical advice and treatment plan in order to reach your own benefit and to make sure the services received comply with your needs, and to have an agreement with the hospital to continue with other services including:
    • Providing advice and treatment plan 
    • Doctor appointment, sending medical appointment reminders or getting emergency help from the hospital 
    • Coordination and transferring information to help speed up patient referrals 
    • Verification of identifying patient, patient’s relative, parents, or legal guardian
    • Requesting for guarantee of payment/ coverage from insurance companies, medical assistance companies or embassies.
    • Other activities that are essential to health and public health services 
  • Or other purposes that support the implementation of the above objectives or as per your specific consent and request. 

Disclosure of personal data 

The hospital will not allocate, disclose and/or transfer your information and personal data or your caretaker to any juristic person or any other person not only in Thailand but also outside of Thailand for any purpose without consent, unless you or your caretaker requests and give authorization to the hospital to disclose to a juristic person, third parties eg., medical or travel agency, insurance company, medical assistance company, embassy, primary doctors, medical professionals, medical specialists, transport service providers, interpreter, your family and relatives. You will be informed of the delivery of such personal data or the disclosure to reveal the information for your benefit or is a compliance according to the policy of the hospital. 

Retention periods and Security of personal data 

The hospital recognizes the importance of maintaining disclosure for the security of your personal data. The hospital therefore determines appropriate measures to maintain the security of personal data and in complies with the confidentiality of personal data to prevent loss, access, destruction, use, alteration, and disclosure of personal data, without rights or against the law in accordance with the established policies and security practices in the hospital with regards to the information technology systems. 

Your personal data will be stored for a period of 10 years or until the request from your side with your rights is submitted and in accordance with the rules and regulations for further consideration by the hospital. 

Rights of personal data owner  Within the scope of new patient registering, the hospital would like to inform you of the right to your personal data by law. The hospital reserves the right to consider your request in accordance with the hospital’s regulations, laws and impact on your rights as well as others rights that comply with privacy. The hospital will notify you of the results of your rights within 15 working days and will notify you according to the contact information you have provided to the hospital or during the process of submitting an application.

Inquiries about personal data protection rights 

You can inquire about your rights via email. [email protected] or phone number 02-734-0000 or contact directly to the hospital. You can learn the hospital’s privacy protection policy at 

Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes 

You consent to the hospital to process your personal data for participation in marketing activities, including providing information to marketing, accepting offers of products and services, answer questions, respond to complaints, facilitation, presenting of various benefits, public relations, customer relations , customer satisfaction survey, market research, statistical analysis, processing and analyzing information to improve products and services or creating new products and services to get more benefits. 

I have read and acknowledged the Hospital’s Personal Data Protection Policy in detail and confirm that I voluntarily made decision to consent without prejudice on my rights to the hospital health care.

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