Declaration of Personal Data Protection

Declaration of Personal Data Protection Declaration of Personal Data Protection

For recording CCTV footage within the perimeter of the medical facility

Vejthani Hospital (“Hospital”) will protect personal information of service recipients (“you”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) under our selective measures for your benefits, rights and privacy. Vejthani Hospital would like to inform you about the Personal Data Protection Notice, issued on (30th May 2022) as follows:     

Personal Data

Vejthani Hospital has installations of CCTV cameras, IP cameras or similar equipment to record images such as still pictures, videos, photos, audio, personal properties, vehicles and vehicle registration plates inside the building, corridors, parking lots and surrounding areas of the hospital.

Purpose of Installing CCTV Cameras

For the public safety and record of legal evidence in the event of the hospital being requested by a competent legal authority or in the events where there is a fatal accident, disputes, quarrels establishment of legal rights that require the hospital to access the CCTV cameras.

Disclosure of CCTV Footage

The hospital will not preserve, disclose and/or transfer CCTV footage to any juristic person or any individual both in Thailand and overseas for the purpose of free use, except when the hospital is requested by the competent authority or when there is an incident at the hospital and it considers that CCTV footage should be disclosed at a certain point in time for the public interest, or to hinder the dangers that may occur to the service recipients of the hospital.

CCTV Footage Retention and Security

The hospital recognizes the importance of maintaining the security of your personal data. The hospital, therefore, determines appropriate measures to maintain the security of CCTV footage to prevent loss, access, destruction, use, alterations or disclosure without legal rights or illegally in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Hospital’s IT security.

However, CCTV footage will be stored no longer than the previous 7 days, except if a reason arise that requires the hospital to store CCTV footage beyond the specified period of time for the purpose of the aforementioned objective.

Rights of Personal Data Owner

The hospital would like to inform you of your legal rights to the hospital’s possession of the CCTV footage. The hospital reserves the right to consider your request in accordance with the hospital’s regulations, laws and impacts on rights and the freedoms of other individuals appropriately. The hospital will notify you about the results of the consideration that allows you to exercise your rights within 10 working days through the contact information you have provided to the hospital when you submitted the request.

Inquiries and enforcements of Personal Data Protection Rights You can submit your inquiries and enforce your personal data protection rights via email at [email protected] or call 02-734-0000 or contact directly to the hospital. You can learn about the hospital’s personal data protection policy at

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