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Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Vejthani Hospital (“We”) aims to protect your privacy by using the following data protection guideline to protect your personal information while visiting out website at, using our application, or using our services.

This privacy policy includes other information that has been sent to us from third parties.

Personal information collection

  1. We collect your personal information in case you are the one who provided it to us or requested our services via our website, application on smartphone, or other channels such as online consultation, making an appointment, online payment, online registration for latest news, asking for special assistance, as well as patient registration at the hospital’s counter.
  2. We might receive your personal information from third parties such as affiliated hospitals, affiliated companies, our agents or service providers, and government organizations.

Types of Personal information we collect

The type of personal information that we collect depends on the circumstance and the type of service that you request. Your personal information will be used to complete your online/offline payment or your requested service.

Personal information that we collect from you or third parties includes;

  • Personal identity information: Picture, Gender, Date of birth, Passport number, ID card number, Health/Accident insurance card information, or Identity number.
  • Contact information: Address, Phone number, and Email address.
  • Payment information: Bill information, Bank account information.
  • Receiving service information: Appointment information, Relative’s information, Room/ Food/Hotel/ other additional services preference.
  • Joining the marketing activity information: The activity registration information.
  • Statistic data: Number of patients and website visitors.
  • Website visiting information: IP Address, Cookies, Online Appointment, Online consultation (Talk-To-Doctor).
  • Medical history: Physical and mental health report, Healthcare report, Laboratory and diagnosis report.
  • Allergy and medicines
  •  Focused history taking
  • Feedback and treatment outcomes

We will not collect and use your personal information such as nationality, religion, and criminal record, unless there is a determined law and regulation, or your permission.

Personal information usage

Your personal information may be used under the following objectives:

  • To provide our services.
  • To make an appointment, send an update, and recommend our services.
  • To coordinate and send information with other hospitals in order to facilitate and make patient transfer process to be faster.
  • To identify patient
  • To send appointment notification or offer our help.
  • To facilitate and offer our privileges.
  • To promote our services and customer relationship such as sending information about promotions, products, and services, as well as our business alliance.
  • To communicate, answer the question, or accept customer’s request such as the request for any losses.
  • To survey customer’s satisfaction, market research, and statistic analysis in order to use it as the information to improve products and services, or to create new products and services.
  • To check the correction of the payment, bill, and refund.
  • To provide security while staying in the hospital.
  • To follow the regulations of the hospital.
  • To follow the laws, regulations, rules, orders, or requests of the government organizations such as summons or injunctions, or any rightful requests.
  • Other objectives that support above objectives or receive your permission.

Personal information disclosure

We may disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties who might live inside or outside of Thailand. We will proceed under the needed and proper regulations and laws in disclosing the information with the following organizations:

  • The hospital that will receive the patient for transfer, Business partners, and Alliances.
  • Affiliated companies, Agents, Service providers, Partners that provide our services or proceed any businesses on behalf of Vejthani Hospital, such as IT service provider.
  • Stakeholders such as Hotels, Car rental companies, Insurance companies, Alliances that participate membership and privilege program, and other customer service related companies.
  • Banks and banking service providers such as Credit or Debit card company.
  • Safety and Security guards.
  • Immigration and Customs department of the Thai government.
  • Government organizations and other organizations.

Third party websites connection

Website and application on our mobile phone might have the link that leads you to third party websites. Please note that this privacy policy cannot be used on third party websites, we will not responsible for any usages of your personal information by the third party because it is out of our control. Please check the privacy policy on each website.

Information privacy and security

  1. Your personal information will be retained as long as it is needed to achieve the above objectives in the privacy policy or under the regulations and laws. 
  2. We will use proper technical measures and managements to protect your personal information, for example we will use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) for establishing an encrypted link.

Personal information management

You are able to access to your personal information, or update and edit your personal information, as well as other rights under the information privacy laws, for example asking for a copy of your personal information, or asking for the cancellation of your personal information usage or disclosure. In case that you find out that your personal information was used over the limitation of the above objectives, or without your permission, you need to send your requests and enclose copies of your identification documents which include:

  • Name – Surname, Identification card number/ Passport number
  • Topic and details of your requests
  • Your phone number, address, and email address

Please contact us at:

Vejthani Hospital,

1 Ladprao 111 Alley, Ladprao Rd., Klong Chan, Bang ka pi, Bangkok 10240.

Phone number: +66(0)2-734-0000
Email: [email protected]

Privacy Policy Updates

We may change the privacy policy to be consorted with the changes of our services and operations, as well as your suggestion and related regulations. The latest version of the privacy policy will be announced on our website at in order to let you know our data protection guideline that we use to protect your personal information.

This privacy policy’s effective date is May 10, 2020.

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