Targeted Therapy in Thailand is available at Vejthani Hospital

To fully understand why targeted therapy is becoming popular in Thailand as a cancer treatment, you have to understand how cancer works at the molecular level.

Cancer occurs because of a change in the genes of the body’s cells. These genes can be in skin cells, blood cells, or cells in any part of the body. Although some genes are more likely to undergo these changes than others, genetic mutations cause the cells to malfunction from the job they should normally perform.

Cells generate proteins to keep living and contributing to the overall health of the human body. When  mutation happens, these proteins can divide too quickly, or too much, and trigger out-of-control growth. These mutated cells can live much longer than usual, and the physical result becomes  a tumor.

Treating Cancer at Its Source

Targeted therapy in Thailand is popular because it treats cancer at its source and helps ‘turn off’ the genetic signals that tell the mutated cells to divide and grow. It can destroy cancer cells alone without harming other surrounding healthy cells and prevent the cells from living longer than they should be.

The ability to target this treatment to cancer cells alone is the key to its success. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy take the approach of destroying all cells in the tumor area, with the hope of also destroying the cancerous cells. This can weaken the body’s overall health, so a patient has to be healthy enough to withstand the harmful side effects of these types of therapies.

Tailoring Targeted Therapy

If you consult with a specialist for  targeted cancer therapy in Thailand, your oncologist may run some tests to determine the specific cells, proteins, and genes the tumor is affecting. Using the results of these tests, the doctor can formulate  the targeted therapy in detail.

This tailored approach helps avoid side-effects and unnecessary costs. It can also treat the specific molecular makeup of your tumor, giving you the best chance of recovery.

Different Types of Targeted Therapies

There are various types of targeted therapies that have been developed as doctors have been impressed by the targeting concept. The most common of these are small-molecule drugs and monoclonal antibodies.

Small molecule drugs block the process by which cancer cells spread and multiply. The treatment is also known as Angiogenesis which surrounds and isolates the tumor. This starves the cancer cell from the blood vessels which get its nutrients and causes it to die.

Monoclonal antibodies target and block the receptors on the exterior wall of cancer cells and send toxins inside cancer cells directly. They are often used in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy as they enhance the effectiveness of these treatments.

Targeted Therapy in Thailand

The doctors and oncologists at Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok are skilled in performing targeted cancer therapies. If you would like to find out more about these types of treatments, make an appointment to the Cancer Center at Vejthani Hospital at your earliest convenience.

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