Tongue ulcer could be a sign of “Tongue cancer, “ which is curable if detected early

“At first, I had a small scratch like a cut under the tongue. It burned when I ate spicy food. It didn’t get better with ointments. Then it became an ulcer. I wasn’t able to eat anything. That’s when I decided to see a doctor here, at ENT in Vejthani Hospital. The doctor collected some tissues for a biopsy. One week later the results came back, cancer has been detected in the tumor. The doctor said the tumor must be removed. I was a bit shocked and wondered if I really had to have my tongue removed. Then I eventually decided to have the surgery. Two weeks later, I felt better. Now the wounds have almost healed completely.”

Ms. Wilawan Kanthimakitidej decided to undergo tongue cancer surgery at Vejthani Hospital as she believed and was confident in the medical team here. She was also impressed by the service from the staff of Vejthani Hospital.

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