Vejthani Hospital is the Best Cancer Hospital in Thailand

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, it’s natural to have an immediate urge to find the best cancer hospital in Thailand for your treatment. If you live in Bangkok, you’re in luck. Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok is considered by many to be the best cancer hospital in Thailand. But even if you live in another area of Thailand, you may want to make arrangements to travel to Bangkok to have your cancer treated. 

If you’re just getting acquainted with cancer, the various cancer hospitals, and the various treatments doctors use to fight the disease, you may ask: why are there so many treatments to fight cancer? And: what makes the best cancer hospital in Thailand?

Why is there More than One Cancer Treatment?

Every hospital wants to provide an excellent treatment for its patients. In a cancer hospital, this often means fighting many varieties of cancer in different areas of the body.

Cancer research is also ongoing by nature. Every researcher and doctor wants to improve their results to provide their patients with the best chance of living a long and productive life.

This means that every cancer treatment that’s delivered encouraging results is added to the list of active treatments. And each treatment can be especially effective in treating a certain type of cancer or cancer in a particular area of the body.

There are so many different types of cancer that affect people in different ways that having several treatments to choose from, provide doctors with the greatest chance of treating cancer successfully. A hospital able to provide a full range of cancer treatments can be one of the best cancer hospitals in Thailand to seek treatment from.

Where ever you find a full range of cancer treatments, you can be sure you’ll also find qualified oncologists and other specialists working together to provide the best cancer treatment for their patients.

Types of Cancer Treatments

There are several standard treatments that a cancer patient may receive throughout their course of treatment. These treatments provide the best course of action when the cancer is in different stages or when it affects different areas of the body.

It’s important to remember that just because a doctor changes from one treatment to another doesn’t mean the previous treatment didn’t work. One treatment can make the next treatment more effective. You should consider the treatments as a total, holistic course that will eventually rid your body of cancer.  


Surgery is the standard treatment to free as much of the tumor or growth as possible from the body, especially in the initial stages of the disease.

A successful surgical procedure means that the cancer cells will often be reduced. And the ones that are still present will often be confined to a smaller area where they can be treated more effectively.

Radiation Therapy or Radiotherapy

This treatment uses radiation to kill the cancer skills outright and to slow the growth of living cancer cells that remain in the body. Radiation therapy can be curative in certain types of cancer that occur in some areas of the body so it continues to offer great promise.  

The newest technique in radiation therapy is intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). This is a highly precise type of radiotherapy where a computer controls the precise target area and dose of radiation to deliver. The side effects of this treatment on the body are also minimized with IMRT.


Chemotherapy uses one or more medications to attack cancer cells. It can be used on different areas of the body with equal results. It’s often used before surgery to act as a curative. And neoadjuvant chemotherapy is used to shrink a tumor so it can be removed by surgery. After surgery, it can help to reduce a patient’s symptoms and extend their life expectancy.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormones can increase or slow down the growth of some cancer cells. Hormonal therapy was developed to better control cancer cells in the breast, thyroid and prostate.

Targeted Therapy

This is also called molecular targeted therapy. This therapy interferes with specific molecules in the body that cancer cells rely on for survival and essentially ‘starve’ the cancer cell. To find these molecules, molecular testing is performed on the blood to identify targets before beginning the therapy.


Immunotherapy is a group of treatments that increases our immunity to fight cancer cells. The treatments may consist of T-cell engineering, vaccines, or monoclonal antibodies that stimulate our T-cells to fight against cancers present in our bodies. 

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation

Both of these cancer treatments can use cells isolated from the body or use a donor. While a bone marrow treatment is used against various cancers, stem cell treatment is generally used on cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. 

The Best Cancer Hospital in Thailand Offers All Treatments

Vejthani Hospital, as the best cancer hospital in Thailand, offers all of these treatments by our team of skilled oncologists, doctors and other specialists.

If you or a beloved family member has received a positive cancer diagnosis, make an appointment at the Life Cancer Center at Vejthani Hospital. We offer a holistic approach to cancer treatment that will comfort your loved one and provide the best care in Thailand for their condition.

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