What kind of cancer screening test do we need to undergo?

You might question yourself “ What kind of cancer screening test do I need? ” Since, the sooner you know, the better result you will get. Thus, cancer screening tests are very important and useful.

Here are the recommended cancer screening tests;

  • Breast cancer screening test: Recommended for women aged over 40 years old. Operated with Mammogram procedure.
  • Lung cancer screening test:
    Recommended for people aged over 55 years old who smoke a cigarette around a pack of cigarettes a day for over 30 years and/or quit smoking but not over 15 years. Operated with Low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT).
  • Colorectal cancer screening test: Recommended for people aged between 45 – 50 years old. Operated with Colonoscopy / Blood test.
  • Prostate cancer screening test: Recommended for men aged over 45 years old. Operated with Prostate-Specific Antigen test (PSA).
  • Liver cancer screening test: Recommended for women aged over 50 years old and men aged over 40 years old who has hepatitis B virus and/or cirrhosis that caused by alcohol drinking, fatty liver, hepatitis B and C, etc. Operated with Upper abdomen ultrasound scanning procedure and Alpha-Fetoprotein test (AFP).

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