Why Vejthani Breast Center?

Why Vejthani Breast Center?

What sets Vejthani apart and makes it an ideal choice for breast cancer treatment is our Tumor Board Conference

Our Traditional Tumor Board includes:

  1. Board of directors who play a crucial role in determining the most suitable treatment for each patient. These experienced professionals bring together their expertise and knowledge to make decisions about treatment strategies.
  2. Multidisciplinary Team: Our team consists of doctors from various fields within the cancer, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. This includes oncologic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation therapists, pathologists, and diagnostic radiologists. Their collective expertise allows for a comprehensive evaluation of each patient’s condition and the development of well-rounded treatment plans.
  3. Collaborative Decision-making: Through our tumor conference, we foster collaborative decision-making. Our experts engage in in-depth discussions, drawing on their diverse perspectives and experiences to reach a consensus on the most appropriate treatment options. This collaborative approach ensures that all aspects of a patient’s condition are considered.

The Role of our Molecular Tumor Board is when there are multiple gene mutations identified in a patient’s tumor, and the cancer avatar process is still ongoing or not available. In such cases, the molecular tumor board takes charge of making treatment decisions based on a thorough understanding of the cell cycle and its implications.

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